Kaesha the boxer puppy

Kaesha, white boxer puppy.

Oh my goodness, this gorgeous boxer puppy has so much energy, I’d forgotten how much fun puppies are!

Not quite one year old, this lovely dog is all feet and expressions. For this pup, the whole world is just one big playground to be explored, and that included my studio. With all the wires safely taped to the floor I had a great time with this energetic cutie, and introduced her to the ultimate pet gizmo … the squeeky toy. First she ground to a standstill totally confused as to what it was, and then all hell let loose while she hunted down the squeeker. Two squeeky toys and she was in dog heaven! I got so many great photos of her as she played and played, we were all exhausted by the time the photo shoot was over, by which time she was ready for a cuddle with mum to get some pet and owner photos. Have a look at Kaesha on the Pawtraits page.

Hello and welcome to my Blog

That handsome boy staring up at you is my gorgeous doggy, Oscar. I am sure he will be featuring in this blog a lot as I ramble on about my life of photography and dogs.

However after an entire afternoon of working out just how to create a blog, it’s time to take Oscar out for a long walk to clear my head. If you want to know more about me, hit the “About” tab or visit my website by clicking on the link on the right.

And stay tuned for lots of photos and musings on life, photography and dogs!