Lexie the black labrador

Lexie was very laid back about her pawtrait session and watched me with a slightly bemused expression as if to say “why on earth are you crawling around me on your hands and knees?”

Her tail never stopped thumping throughout the entire shoot, and according to her owner she has her ‘is that the dog food container I hear’ look on her face!


Handsome Benson the Dachshund

Believe it or not this handsome little man is 10 years old!

A rescue dog from the Animal Welfare League, he certainly landed on his paws when he got taken home by Sam! What a wonderful life he leads now, a very lucky little chap and a pleasure to photograph … he knows he’s gorgeous!


Bella is just the most affectionate little thing, nothing she likes more than to snuggle on your lap and go to sleep. I’m sure she thinks she’s a cat!

She feels the cold and had me laughing at her antics with a blanket she found in my studio. She burrowed into it, pulled it over her head and turned around and around underneath it until she was completely invisible. She’s so tiny you would never know there was a dog wrapped up inside it … until you get close enough to hear the snoring!

But one squeak of the squeaky toy and she was out like a shot, ready to hunt it down and chew it to bits!


Caitlin and Dyson the labrador puppy

I’ve been waiting to add these photos to the page, but they were a surprise birthday present for Caitlin’s father so I’ve had to bide my time waiting for the birthday to happen.

It was quite an operation getting both Caitlin and her labrador puppy out of the house without raising suspicions and I got a phone call at 7.30am to say could we do it NOW!!!

Despite still being a puppy, Dyson was very well-behaved and I’d have to say a lot calmer than my usual experiences with puppies! A credit to Caitlin who has taken on her role as dog trainer with great enthusiasm and success.


RSPCA photo shoot


See more gorgeous RSPCA animals on the RSPCA Pawtraits page.

Being a huge supporter of animal rescue and rehoming organisations, I offered my time (& talent!) to the RSPCA, to get some endearing photos that will hopefully help these gorgeous, but abandoned or abused animals find loving homes.

I had a wonderful time, the people who work at RSPCA SA are  just fantastic and the volunteers were amazing, coming in on a Sunday to help bring the animals into my make-shift studio. Everyone really got into it, and it was a fun time, the animals were fabulous … calm, responsive and ultra friendly, which I’m sure is a direct result of the care and compassion they get from the staff and volunteers at the RSPCA.

If you think you can give a permanent and loving home to a dog, cat, rabbit or guinea pig, think about going and seeing what the RSPCA has waiting for adoption, instead of heading off to the pet shop. As you can see these creatures are just gorgeous, and they certainly deserve a second chance at a life.

I’ve created an RSPCA page with all the photos I took on it, have a look!

Cavoodles, Wilson and Murphy

Two gorgeous canine brothers, what fun I had with them. The photographs were a surprise birthday present so the dogs were smuggled out of the house and dropped off at my studio, with their owner telling me I’d never get a decent photograph of the two of them together because they were so playful and didn’t do as they were told. Half an hour later I had the most wonderful collection of photos of the two of them and of each one on their own!

The owner swears drugs were involved because she just can’t believe how well behaved they were! No drugs, but I will admit to a little bit of cheese bribery!! Check out the photographs of these two dogs on the Pawtraits page.

Nellie the Basset Hound

Basset Hounds were bred to have short legs so that their large, sensitive noses would be close to the ground, and to have long ears that would stir up the leaves and undergrowth and stimulate scents. And the white tip of their tail? So it could be seen when their short bodies disappeared in the bush!

Nellie took her photo shoot very seriously, nothing was to be rushed and we were to give her the respect that a dog of her high breeding and pedigree deserved! What a great temperament this dog has, she let her 3 humans climb all over her and still retained her dignity. Check out Nellie on the Pawtraits page