Cavoodles, Wilson and Murphy

Two gorgeous canine brothers, what fun I had with them. The photographs were a surprise birthday present so the dogs were smuggled out of the house and dropped off at my studio, with their owner telling me I’d never get a decent photograph of the two of them together because they were so playful and didn’t do as they were told. Half an hour later I had the most wonderful collection of photos of the two of them and of each one on their own!

The owner swears drugs were involved because she just can’t believe how well behaved they were! No drugs, but I will admit to a little bit of cheese bribery!! Check out the photographs of these two dogs on the Pawtraits page.

One thought on “Cavoodles, Wilson and Murphy

  1. Janet, you are a wonder! You have no idea how much every time Mum and I see these photos it make us smile and brings a tear to our eyes. You did such a good job I can’t ever thank you enough….All I need to now is book our big boy – Izak our German Shepherd – in for a photo shoot with Murphy and it will b complete. Mum loves the prints of Wilson and Murphy so much. They were the best birthday present she has ever got. Thanks again and big licks from Wils and Murph xxxx

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