RSPCA photo shoot


See more gorgeous RSPCA animals on the RSPCA Pawtraits page.

Being a huge supporter of animal rescue and rehoming organisations, I offered my time (& talent!) to the RSPCA, to get some endearing photos that will hopefully help these gorgeous, but abandoned or abused animals find loving homes.

I had a wonderful time, the people who work at RSPCA SA are  just fantastic and the volunteers were amazing, coming in on a Sunday to help bring the animals into my make-shift studio. Everyone really got into it, and it was a fun time, the animals were fabulous … calm, responsive and ultra friendly, which I’m sure is a direct result of the care and compassion they get from the staff and volunteers at the RSPCA.

If you think you can give a permanent and loving home to a dog, cat, rabbit or guinea pig, think about going and seeing what the RSPCA has waiting for adoption, instead of heading off to the pet shop. As you can see these creatures are just gorgeous, and they certainly deserve a second chance at a life.

I’ve created an RSPCA page with all the photos I took on it, have a look!

2 thoughts on “RSPCA photo shoot

  1. Ahh! They are so sweet, it’s awful how some animals get treated, so the RSPCA is one of my fave charities. I am also trying to raise awarness of a good cause, so visit my page to see my post on the Race for life, if you like.

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