Two year olds and newborn babies

I’m always happy when my clients call me up to say they have had another baby and want to come back to do photos with the new baby. But I must admit that my heart sinks a little when they ask if they bring baby number one along as well … who is now 2 years old. You know what they say about the “terrible twos’! There’s a good reason for it!

Of course all parents want to get beautiful photos of their children together, but working with 2 year olds is really hard. And when you add a new born baby and all the safety issues that go with it, well it just gets harder. But how can I say no? It’s what every parent wants, so I just cross my fingers and hope for the best. And when it goes right, it goes really right!!! We worked hard to get this shot, but it was so worth it!

Adelaide Baby Photos by Janet Coelho
Adelaide Baby Photos