RSPCA Rescued Ruby

DSC_5507-EditThis  little cutie was recently adopted from the RSPCA by some friends of mine. She’s a real sweetie and has certainly landed on her paws and lives a very comfortable life now.

She came to spend a few days with me while her folks went on holiday and she settled in beautifully with Oscar and Molly. I decided to let her help me set up my lights for a photo shoot instead of using Oscar or Molly like I usually do. Well, Molly wasn’t happy about that and hopped up on the table too! Not that she really wanted to have her photo taken it seems as she was rather bored by it all! It’s a good thing you can crop photos!

There is never a dull moment when you have dogs around, they bring a smile to your face every day.

Handsome Hunter


Hunter has to be one of the easiest dogs to photograph …. he is fascinated by the sound of chickens! So as I knew that I downloaded an app onto my phone that had 12 different chicken sounds and kept playing them throughout his photo shoot! It worked like a charm, and the head tilts that I got as a result were awesome. This photo of Hunter is now my banner, I just love how he looks like he’s smiling at the camera.

Tea party with a spaniel is a beautiful heritage house just a 5 minute walk from my studio, so I decided to do this little girls photo shoot with a vintage theme. Nothing quite like a tea party with your best friend, especially when your best friend is a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel! I’ve been photographing this little girl since she was a newborn baby and the spaniel since she was a puppy, it’s been lovely watching them growing up together.


I’m so happy that the NSW government has passed a law to ban greyhound racing. I’ve had the lovely experience of photographing these gentle dogs on many occasions, all of them have been ex-racers who were deemed ‘unsuitable’ and were fortunate enough to end up in loving homes. Hopefully the rest of Australia will follow NSW’s lead and ban it in all the states.

Anyone for tennis?


Tiny Oliver came with his mum for a photo shoot when he was just 8 days old. Unfortunately his dad couldn’t make the photo shoot so I told him to send along anything he had that was special to him and I would try and do a baby photo incorporating it. So Oliver arrived with a tennis racket as his dad is a keen player! I had to think for a while as to how I could do this, but my dog Oscar is tennis ball mad so we have a lot of them around the place. His mum and I picked out the best looking ones and then stuck them together with glue and put some nice soft padding on top of the tennis racket, and here is the end result.