So you want to know a bit about me … well my name is Janet Coelho and my two big loves are photography and animals. I live with my husband (who is also a big love!), my 25 year old cat and my two gorgeous dogs Oscar,who came to us through PetRescue a wonderful online rehoming organisation for lost and abandoned animals, and Molly who is also a rescue dog.

My other loves in life are running with my dogs, cycling to the beach for lunch and walking in the Adelaide Hills. I love to read, love to enjoy a glass (or two!) of the premier wine Adelaide is known for producing, love dinner parties with friends, crosswords and chocolate. I love to go camping but only when the weather is absolutely perfect, I love to travel (just back from a trip to Africa where the wildlife is AWESOME!!). I love coffee first thing in the morning, Facebook, clean sheets, butter and love hearing my doggies snoring at my side. But most of all I love photography and creating images for people that pull at their heartstrings. There … now you know all about me.

My blog is called Portraits and Pawtraits as I don’t only take photographs of animals, I have two portrait businesses, Adelaide Pet Photos and Adelaide Baby Photos.

You know what they say …. never work with animals or children! Well I work with both, and you know what, I love it!

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