Adelaide Pet PhotosAre you like me and your four legged members of the family hold a very special place in your heart? These two doggies are my babies, Oscar and Molly and this photo of me with them will always hang on my wall even when I’m old(er) and grey(er)! Especially as it was very hard to take a photo of myself with them.

Adelaide Pet PhotosI love photographing dogs, well all animals actually but dogs I must admit are my favourite, and also my more frequent clients. I have done sessions with cats, guinea pigs, rabbits and birds but dogs are by far the easiest and they seem to love the whole experience, I reckon all those treats, praise and cuddles might have something to do with that!



Don’t worry if your dog isn’t the best trained or most obedient dog in the world, I have photographed every temperament from agility trained super-duper obedient dogs to wilful puppies, and still have fantastic photos no matter what. Adelaide Pet Photos

I like to do my photo shoots at my studio in Mawson Lakes, South Australia mainly because it’s a safe and controlled environment. There are no planes flying overhead, people walking by or any other distractions.

The photos will be really sharp and your pet will be focussed on me and looking straight into the lens.


Adelaide Pet Photos

Photo shoots are fairly quick, usually within half an hour it’s all done, but if your pet is a little uncertain and shy that’s not a problem, I will wait for them to sniff around, relax and unwind before starting to take photos.

Multiple pets are always welcome, the more the merrier! If you don’t want to be in the photos yourself that’s fine, but if you do don’t stress about it, I will light you, pose you and edit you to make you look like a million dollars!


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