Adelaide Baby Photos
Adelaide Baby Photos by Janet Coelho

4 year old Bailey was such a great little boy, after a couple of weeks of clients with the ‘terrible twos’ it was such a pleasure to have a little boy who listened, didn’t have tantrums and understood that his newborn brother had to be treated with care!

Lovely photo shoot with a newborn who was wide awake but as calm as could be, and a big brother who worked with me beautifully to get some photos that their parents will treasure forever.

Footy Baby!

Adelaide Baby Photos by Janet Coelho
Adelaide Baby Photos by Janet Coelho

No prizes for guessing that this baby has a father that loves Australian Footy!

I have a huge printed version of this hanging in my studio, and as soon as my new clients see it dad gets back in the car and goes home to collect his own footy ball to replicate this photo! I’m also surprised how many dads carry a footy ball around in their car anyway, and can just go and get it out of the car! I would keep one myself but I have learned that the make, and wording on the footy is very important according to what team you support, the things you learn doing newborn baby photography!

Chinese families

Adelaide Baby Photos
Adelaide Baby Photos

Although I’m not Chinese myself, I have photographed so many babies from families of Chinese descent that I now have quite an understanding of the culture and traditions that surround the birth of a new baby into the family, even when it is a young Chinese couple living in Australia.

As a result I now offer a Chinese Package to facilitate the desire to have newborn photos but the difficulties of how to do that with the 30 day confinement period. For Chinese families I do a pregnancy photo shoot at my studio around the 34 week mark, then when the new baby is born I do a newborn photo shoot at their home in the first 2 weeks, and then another studio photo shoot on the 100th day. I love doing it as I get to have quite a relationship with the parents, and invariably they come back at 8 months and at 1 year so I get to see the baby grow up too.

Little Miss Newborn Perfect!

Adelaide Baby Photos by Janet Coelho
Adelaide Baby Photos by Janet Coelho

Wow, this newborn baby looks like she made a visit to the beauty salon to have her eyebrows and lashes touched up, but at only 16 days old it’s all perfectly natural and perfectly perfect! And she was such an easy baby to photograph too, no fussing no crying just little miss perfect!

Before and After

Adelaide Baby Photos by Janet Coelho
Adelaide Baby Photos by Janet Coelho

I love doing these before and after photos, every time someone books a pregnancy photo shoot I’m always hoping that they will be keen to do something like this. It takes a bit of planning and finding out what style is most appealing to the mum to be, and then having the patience in the middle of a newborn baby shoot to get it all together. But what a fantastic keepsake to remember the whole experience of that anticipation of a new baby followed by the intense love for a newborn baby.

Adelaide Baby Photos by Janet Coelho
Adelaide Baby Photos by Janet Coelho

Newborn babies are the best!

Adelaide Baby Photos by Janet Coelho
Adelaide Baby Photos by Janet Coelho

Only 13 days young this newborn arrived at my studio with parents and all grandparents in tow, quite a crowd and a lot of love in the room, she  is totally adored by everyone, and with good reason … what a gentle and contented baby she is, she would make even the hardest heart melt.

Two year olds and newborn babies

I’m always happy when my clients call me up to say they have had another baby and want to come back to do photos with the new baby. But I must admit that my heart sinks a little when they ask if they bring baby number one along as well … who is now 2 years old. You know what they say about the “terrible twos’! There’s a good reason for it!

Of course all parents want to get beautiful photos of their children together, but working with 2 year olds is really hard. And when you add a new born baby and all the safety issues that go with it, well it just gets harder. But how can I say no? It’s what every parent wants, so I just cross my fingers and hope for the best. And when it goes right, it goes really right!!! We worked hard to get this shot, but it was so worth it!

Adelaide Baby Photos by Janet Coelho
Adelaide Baby Photos

Miss Roly Poly

Adelaide Baby Photos

Little Miss Roly Poly made my job easy today! Already 3 weeks old so not really a newborn as that’s supposed to be in the first 2 weeks, but she was really calm and relaxed, not quite as flexible as a newbie but still able to get into most of the cute baby poses.

Adelaide Baby Photos

Double the cuteness

Adelaide Baby Photos

Double the trouble, but also double the cuteness, twins can be a real challenge to photograph. Of course every parent wants gorgeous pictures of the two together, but actually getting them both fed, calm and posed at the same time is really hard.

These two were lovely to work with, the little boy in particular was such an easy going baby and fell asleep at the drop of a hat (even a yellow and blue long tailed stripey one!), his sister was a bit more fussy but we girls are allowed to be fussy!

My how you’ve grown!

Adelaide Baby PhotosI first photographed this little guy when he was still a baby bump and not even born! Then I did newborn photos of him when he was about 9 days old, and now he’s back this time 8 months old and very pleased with himself that he can sit up unaided.Adelaide Baby Photos



It’s always a pleasure when my clients come back and I get to photograph the growth stages of their babies, I love to see how they’ve grown and changed over the year, and they are such lovely milestones to capture and treasure the pictures forever.



I can’t wait for his first birthday when we can add the last photo to this timeline picture.

Adelaide Baby Photos

Baby Stuff!

P22Well as I haven’t blogged any baby shoots for eons, I thought I’d better do one pronto!

And I’ll start with a fun one, as Adelaide Baby Photos I photograph babies from while they are still a baby bump, when they are newborn, when they can sit up by themselves … usually around 6-8 months and again for their first birthday.

The cake smash photo shoot is a huge hit, the babies have a great time actually being encouraged to play with their food for change! Fun for me  and fun for the parents, and usually all over in about 15 minutes.

This little guy was a bit suspicious of his cake at first, but after he’s had a taste of it he was totally into it!

Hermoine. Baby Photos,

Photograph of newborn baby in hammock by Adelaide Baby Photos
Newborn baby photography by Adelaide Baby Photos

I don’t usually go to people’s homes to do portrait photography but this time I made an exception as I had planned to go up into the Adelaide Hills on a hunt for some more newborn props for photo shoots and thought I’d combine the two.

I had a lovely morning with this gorgeous family. First of all their home is so fabulous I wanted to move in, then the parents were just the loveliest relaxed people, and don’t talk about Hermoine who was one of the most contented babies I’ve ever met! She made my job easy! And then the fur babies came to see what was going on, as far as I’m concerned this photograph of the parents, newborn baby and a dog is just the perfect family photo!

Photo of sleeping newborn baby by Adelaide Baby Photos
Newborn baby photo by Adelaide Baby Photos
Photo of sleeping baby in box by Adelaide Baby Photos
Newborn baby photo by Adelaide Baby Photos
Photograph of newborn baby by Adelaide Baby Photos
New born baby photo by Adelaide Baby Photos

My huge blog catch-up!

Well it’s been a crazy year and my blog is now very out of date, so I’m going to do a huge catch-up and load a whole load of stuff in one go. Well that’s the plan anyway, but I’m waiting on a client to arrive for a photo shoot, so whether it happens today or not is another matter!

I’m absolutely thrilled that my newborn baby photography has taken off with a bang. I never expected that I would be so busy so soon after starting up the business, but it’s been crazy! And one of the reasons I haven’t blogged in eons.

I completed my Cert IV in Photoimaging and got a distinction in every subject, which was rather satisfying to know that I had been doing the right thing all along! It’s one thing to be passionate about photography, and to please clients but it’s a personal challenge to actually do assignments, get assessed and put a certificate on the wall for all to see!

Having juggled my business and a full-time course for a year, I was rewarded by being accepted and fully accredited by the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers, another personal milestone, and another certificate for the wall!!

Life has been a chaotic but fun balancing act of photo shoots, editing, helping to organise and run a photography competition and cocktail night, and a Dogs Day Out event in the community I live in. Add that to another fabulous holiday in Africa, this time Kruger and Mala Mala in South Africa, taking photos of the most incredible wildlife, well it’s been one hell of a ride!!

My new website!

Website banner for Adelaide Baby Photos
Adelaide Baby Photos


My website for newborn baby photography is up and running, I’m very excited about it I must admit. And I have to thank all the generous new mums and dads, whose gorgeous newborn babies have their photos all over the site.

Please click on the link and go and have a look for yourself!


 10 day old Sienna arrived just in time for Christmas, I took these photos just 3 days before Xmas Day amid a flurry of wrapping paper, the smells of cake baking and a 2 1/2 year old big sister who was very worried that Santa might not make it to the house, despite her having a bag of “reindeer oats” (muesli!) ready for them! I’m sure Santa made it, but I reckon the best present was this little bundle of new life


Just 20 days old, newborn baby Savannah came to my studio with her mum, Tayla-Lee and her auntie, Micaela. Such a pretty little thing (like her mum!), and we had a fun morning taking heaps of gorgeous photographs. Babies are only like this for such a short period of time, it’s great to be able to take portraits of them to remind you in years to come just how tiny and innocent they were!


 I’ve become a bit of a baby stalker lately as I               build up my portfolio of newborn photos. When I spotted this little bundle of cuteness at a lunch at one of South Australia’s premier wine cellars, Chateau Tanunda, I was just dying to get her in front on my lens!

Fortunately her mum and grandmother were willing to give it a go, and so I invaded Emma’s home with all my gear, and took over their lives for a couple of hours.

Little Maya who was ready to come into the world 6 weeks early, is now 8 weeks old but still very tiny. She really wanted to sleep, but with all that excitement she just had to keep having a peep and see what was going on, I bet she slept very well that night!

I’m thrilled with the results, thanks so much you guys for not brushing me off (or thinking I was some kind of strange baby stealing weirdo!) and I hope you’ll treasure these photos for years to come.


Newborn Samara, just 15 days old.

Welcome to the world Samara! One thing is for sure, you will be surrounded by lots of love (although your brother isn’t that keen on you right now, but he’ll get used to you, trust me!). It was my absolute pleasure to photograph this tiny little newborn, so trusting and so innocent and so very loved, wouldn’t it be nice to always be that way!

Beyond cute!

As gorgeous as Zoe is, when it comes to being cute there is none cuter than her daughter Ebony Rose. Today though Ebony was just not into having photos taken, while her mummy was the perfect model she just wanted to play with “ooma” out in the garden … much more fun than having your photo taken! I did manage to snatch about 5 minutes in the studio with her before she was off again! Almost 2 years old, and beyond cute!